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Our aim is to enable you to achieve your goals in the food business rapidly, insightful service from us.

We work with first time entrepreneur, small and medium enterprise and chain restaurants. And have worked with investors to evaluate their investment opportunity.

Restaurant business is one of the finest business to own. Restaurants are not just places to eat but our places where people renew their relationships, friends , families, teams… all memories tied down to a restaurant. It’s a great service being performed and be proud if you are part of this industry and yes you would be lucky to be part of it.

WSK is no longer seen as a luxury but rather a necessity.

The Food and Beverage industry as a whole is expected to grow by a whopping 25% this year. While, just the restaurant industry in India is worth $48 billion as per a report from the National Restaurant association of India & Technopak.

Entrepreneurs from varied backgrounds are taking the plunge into this industry & they face a variety of challenges.

70% of new concepts are not able to sustain one year of successful operations due to lack of technical support and speedy implementation of same.

Expert help is at hand and at WSK, we offer a one stop solution for all budgets and aspirations.

Our team includes, Expert Chefs, Marketing Professionals, Creative Designers, Food Photographers, Copywriters, Recruitment & Training Professionals, Engineers, Food Scientists, Financial Experts & More.

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